“ The concept of BIOLIGICAL FARMING needs to start with a shift in one’s mind set and values, backed by the desire to do better, work with nature not against her, be more sustainable and profitable under all circumstances. I know of no other way to do this than by using what is given to us for free. Sunlight, photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and soil. All we need to do is learn how to unlock this potential and manage the whole system better ”

  ~ John Moor

John Moor

Biological mentor and coach. Experienced Intergenerational Succession planner

I have been involved in Agriculture all my life as an owner, mentor, consultant and investor. I am a 6th generation producer from South Africa who still owns and operates a dairy business milking 850 cows on biologically grown pastures. I have also owned and managed an extensive beef breeding and fattening enterprise as well as broad acre cropping of maize (corn), soya and vegetables.

Over a 10 year period, I transitioned my conventionally focused synthetic fertilizer and chemical production operation into a biologically focused operation, that is in every way now more profitable, regenerative, resilient and sustainable. This experience and knowledge enables us to fast track the process for farmers I consult with to attain similar results in a shorter time frame.

A whole of business approach must be taken to ensure that production and profitability are maintained and improved while simultaneously achieving the ecological goal of biological advancement. Pull the big levers first!!

John has served on a number of agricultural board and associations in his time, including vice Chairman of the Clover Producers forum, the largest dairy processor in Africa and president of the District Farmers association for 3 years.

John has also worked extensively both in South Africa and Australia with Resource Consulting Services (RCS) Australia. During the past 10 years he has been a member of Executive Link and also Board Facilitator.

John is well regarded amongst his peers as an advanced problem solver and strategic thinker who challenges the Status Quo consistently, this combined with a deep and thorough understanding of soil, plant and animal biology allows him to easily explain new concepts and ideas to people he mentors and consults to.

Based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia having immigrated to Australia in 2015.

Batchelor degree in Agricultural Production from the University of KZN, South Africa.

Certificate course in Biological/Nutrition Farming with NTS.

Qualified facilitator and has a certificate qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

10 years on farm mentoring of farmers including beef, dairy, multi species pasture and cover cropping.

Experience intergenerational Succession Planner

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