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Consulting & Mentoring Programs

Before mentoring and coaching producers in Australia I successfully converted my conventional pasture and cropping enterprises in South Africa into a leading biologically focused business operating in the top 5% of pasture based dairies in the world. This took the best part of 10 years!! 
If you want to be more biologically focused, less reliant on synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides and produce food that is nutritionally dense and safer for human and animal consumption I can help you with the following:

Let me help you fast track what took me 10 years to achieve in the space of 2 or 3 years on your own farm.

We will focus on “Whole of Business”. Meet you at your biggest need and work together to develop a sustainable strategy that meets your goals.

Available Mentoring Programs

Sports facilities - Developing a framework to staff and management on how biological alternatives can be implemented on… Read more
Schools - Deliver an education framework to staff and children about how biological alternatives can be implemented… Read more
Regional Councils - Assist in developing a strategic and biologically focused land care plan to achieve a 100%… Read more
Land Care Groups - Provide initial and ongoing education and mentorship to groups of likeminded people wishing to implement… Read more
Family and Corporate Farms - Education, Shifting mind sets, creating a long term Vision for the business, goal setting, budgeting,… Read more